ILO Launches Global Business Network on Forced Labour

An event to officially recognize the end of the consultation period and invite employer and business membership organizations as well as companies of all sizes to join the Global Business Network on Forced Labour was held on the 12 June 2018 in Singapore during the IHRB/CGF Global Forum on Responsible Recruitment and Employment. Beginning with this event, the Global Business Network on Forced Labour has started accepting members.

The Global Business Network will offer members unique opportunities and solutions bringing together the ILO’s lead and expertise, and a global network spanning 187 member States. It will provide members with hard-to-find data and information on emerging trends, and allow businesses to anticipate and to adapt to rapid change across the world.

The Network also provides the opportunity to draw on the ILO’s unique tripartite structure bringing together governments, worker and employer organizations. Engagement with these groups is essential for effective human rights’ due diligence, heading off problems before they materialize. For more information click here and here.