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building a future without forced labour.

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How to fight forced labour: A podcast training package for SMEs

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The ILO is uniquely placed, through its tripartite structure, global network, and leading expertise on the subject matter, to bring a coalition of actors together under one umbrella.

ILO GBNFL members are businesses of all sizes and sectors, employer and business membership organisations, industry trade groups and sectoral associations. All business-led initiatives with complementary mandates and expertise are encouraged to join as partners.

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With more, faster & better action we can end forced labour.

We are an umbrella network that brings together businesses and their representative organizations of all sizes and sectors in 187 ILO member States.

Global facts and figures

Over 27 million people

are in forced labour globally.

Of them, 17.3 million

are working in the private economy, excluding commercial sexual exploitation.

Some 3.3 million

are children.

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