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Risks and rewards: Outcomes of labour migration in South-East Asia

Even though labour migration has never featured more prominently within ASEAN than it does today, there remains a dearth of reliable data that can be applied for the development of evidence-based policy and programming. Due to the temporary and irregular nature of much of the migration occurring within the region, the realities faced by migrant workers are often hidden from view. This study helps to fill the knowledge gap on the socio-economic outcomes of migration into low-skilled work within ASEAN.

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Profits and poverty: The economics of forced labour

This report highlights how forced labour – which in the private economy generates US$ 150 billion in illegal profits per year, about three times more than previously estimated – thrives in the incubator of poverty and vulnerability, low levels of education and literacy, migration and other factors. The evidence presented illustrates the need for stronger measures of prevention and protection, as well as for enhanced law enforcement, as the basic responses to forced labour. At the same time, the report offers new knowledge of the determinants of forced labour, including a range of figures that break down profits by area of forced labour and by region.