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ILO GBNFL online training course: The ILO’s 11 indicators of forced labour

Luiz Machado, the ILO’s Technical Specialist on Forced Labour, presents the indicators and gives practical examples of how they can be applied. The 11 operational indicators are intended to help with the identification of forced labour, how it arises, and how it affects its victims. This course is a recording and not interactive.

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Online course: Preventing and addressing forced labour and trafficking in persons in East and South-East Asia

This online course was developed to help participants have a clearer understanding of issues such as forced labour, trafficking in persons, substandard working conditions and labour migration, as well as of the root causes and vulnerabilities that put people at risk of falling victims to labour exploitation. It builds upon ILO’s experience in combating forced labour and promoting decent work and aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to identify and respond to cases of exploitation of workers, as well as to strengthen prevention measures. The course is aimed at people who are actively involved in the prevention, identification and prosecution of cases of forced labour and trafficking in persons.