Eradicating forced labour: What works in practice

How can forced labour be eradicated globally? What approaches are the most effective at gaining ground
towards this goal, and can they be replicated across country contexts? The ILO GBNFL’s report Eradicating forced labour: What works in practice seeks to answer these questions.

This study has identified ways that governments and companies have gained ground towards the eradication of forced labour by contributing towards
identification, prevention, and remediation of the ILO 11 Indicators of Forced Labour.

It also looks at contextual factors within which the actions took place as the context affects efforts to eradicate forced labour in several ways. To present what works, the study summarizes success factors across initiatives and contexts at government and company level and across all levels.

While the report presents the findings indepth, our interactive toolboxes summarize the promising practices presenting example actions for different actors as well as evidence of impact.

Download our report and interactive toolboxes in multiple languages here: